Google Cloud Run [NEW]  alpha 

Cloud Run is a managed compute platform on Google Cloud that allows you to run containers on Google’s infrastructure.

Deploying applications to Cloud Run

Skaffold can deploy services to Cloud Run. If this deployer is used, all provided manifests must be valid Cloud Run services, using the schema. See the Cloud Run YAML reference for supported fields.

This deployer will use the application default credentials to deploy. You can configure this to use your user credentials by running gcloud auth application-default login.

Configuring Cloud Run

To deploy to Cloud Run, use the cloudrun type in the deploy section of skaffold.yaml.

The cloudrun type offers the following options:

Option Description
projectid the GCP Project to use for Cloud Run. If specified, all Services will be deployed to this project. If not specified, each Service will be deployed to the project specified in metadata.namespace of the Cloud Run manifest.
region GCP location to use for the Cloud Run Deploy. Must be one of the regions listed in


The following deploy section instructs Skaffold to deploy artifacts to Cloud Run:

    projectid: my-gcp-project
    region: us-central1