Easy and Repeatable Kubernetes Development

Skaffold handles the workflow for building, pushing and deploying your application. So you can focus more on application development.


Skaffold does not require a cluster-side component, so there is no overhead or maintenance burden to your cluster.

Works Everywhere

Skaffold is the easiest way to share your project with the world: git clone, then skaffold run.

Additionally, you can use Skaffold profiles, user level config, environment variables and flags to describe differences in environments.

Optimized Development

Skaffold is fast and highly optimized, with support for policy-based tagging, logging, port-forwarding, and more.

Skaffold is an open-source project built by Google.

Contributions welcome!

We’d love to accept your contributions to this project. See the Contribution Guide to get started.

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You can also discuss Skaffold at the Skaffold topic on the Kubernetes Slack channel.