2019 Roadmap

  • Plugin model for builders
  • IDE integration - VSCode and IntelliJ Skaffold dev/build/run/deploy support, Skaffold Config code completion
  • Debugging JVM applications
  • Provide help with integration testing
  • Skaffold keeps track of what it built, for faster restarts
  • Automated kubernetes manifest generation
  • Pipeline CRD integration
  • Infrastructure scaffolding for CI/CD on GCP/GKE
  • Document end-to-end solutions
  • Status dashboard for build (test) and deployment besides logging


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Release Notes

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The Skaffold Project also holds a bi-weekly meeting at 9:30am PST on Google Hangouts. Everyone is welcome to add suggestions to the Meeting Agenda and attend the meeting. If you join the Skaffold Mailing List, a calendar invite will be sent to your Google Calendar.