In cluster build

Skaffold supports building in cluster via Kaniko or Custom Build Script.


To configure in-cluster Build, add build type cluster to the build section of skaffold.yaml.

  cluster: {}

The following options can optionally be configured:

Option Description Default
HTTP_PROXY for kaniko pod.
HTTPS_PROXY for kaniko pod.
pullSecretPath path to the Google Cloud service account secret key file.
pullSecretName name of the Kubernetes secret for pulling base images and pushing the final image. If given, the secret needs to contain the Google Cloud service account secret key under the key kaniko-secret. kaniko-secret
pullSecretMountPath path the pull secret will be mounted at within the running container.
namespace Kubernetes namespace. Defaults to current namespace in Kubernetes configuration.
timeout amount of time (in seconds) that this build is allowed to run. Defaults to 20 minutes (20m).
dockerConfig describes how to mount the local Docker configuration into a pod.
serviceAccount describes the Kubernetes service account to use for the pod. Defaults to ‘default’.
tolerations describes the Kubernetes tolerations for the pod. []
nodeSelector describes the Kubernetes node selector for the pod. {}
annotations describes the Kubernetes annotations for the pod. {}
runAsUser defines the UID to request for running the container. If omitted, no SecurityContext will be specified for the pod and will therefore be inherited from the service account.
resources define the resource requirements for the kaniko pod.
concurrency how many artifacts can be built concurrently. 0 means “no-limit”. 0
volumes defines container mounts for ConfigMap and Secret resources. []
randomPullSecret adds a random UUID postfix to the default name of the pull secret to facilitate parallel builds, e.g. kaniko-secretdocker-cfgfd154022-c761-416f-8eb3-cf8258450b85. false
randomDockerConfigSecret adds a random UUID postfix to the default name of the docker secret to facilitate parallel builds, e.g. docker-cfgfd154022-c761-416f-8eb3-cf8258450b85. false

Faster builds

Skaffold can build multiple artifacts in parallel, by settings a value higher than 1 to concurrency. For in-cluster builds, the default is to build all the artifacts in parallel. If your cluster is too small, you might want to reduce the concurrency. Setting concurrency to 1 will cause artifacts to be built sequentially.

Last modified April 2, 2024: release: v2.11.0 (#9376) (5431c6b)