Getting Started With Your Project

Skaffold requires a skaffold.yaml, but - for supported projects - Skaffold can generate a simple config for you that you can get started with. To configure Skaffold for your application you can run skaffold init.

Running skaffold init at the root of your project directory will walk you through a wizard and create a skaffold.yaml that defines how your project is built and deployed.

skaffold init


What’s next

You can further set up File Sync for source files that do not need a rebuild in dev mode.

Skaffold automatically forwards Kubernetes Services in dev mode if you run it with --port-forward. If your project contains resources other than services, you can set-up port-forwarding to port-forward these resources in dev or debug mode.

For more understanding on how init works, see skaffold init.

Last modified May 14, 2024: release: v2.12.0 (#9418) (f386e6c)