Global Configuration

Some context specific settings can be configured in a global configuration file, which defaults to ~/.skaffold/config. Options can be configured globally or for specific Kubernetes contexts. Context name matching supports regex, e.g.: .*-cluster.*-regex.*-test.*

The options are:

Option Type Description
default-repo string The image registry where built artifact images are published (see image name rewriting).
multi-level-repo boolean If true, do not replace ‘.’ and ‘/’ with ‘_’ in image name.
debug-helpers-registry string The image registry where debug support images are retrieved (see debugging).
insecure-registries list of strings A list of image registries that may be accessed without TLS.
k3d-disable-load boolean If true, do not use k3d import image to load images locally.
kind-disable-load boolean If true, do not use kind load to load images locally.
local-cluster boolean If true, do not try to push images after building. By default, contexts with names docker-for-desktop, docker-desktop, or minikube are treated as local.

For example, to treat any context as local by default:

skaffold config set --global local-cluster true

This will create a global configuration file at ~/.skaffold/config with local-cluster set to true.

  local-cluster: true
kubeContexts: []
Last modified May 14, 2024: release: v2.12.0 (#9418) (f386e6c)