Upgrading from Skaffold v1 to Skaffold v2 [NEW]

In Skaffold v2 what was previously the deploy phase of Skaffold is now split into a new render phase and deploy phase. This clear boundary of separation between render and deploy phases allowed the team to simplify our code and CLI allowing us to clean up previously confusing or redundant flags like skaffold deploy --render-only, skaffold deploy --skip-render. This release comes with a new schema version v3alpha1. This schema introduced a new manifests section which declares all resources an application deploys e.g helm charts, kubernetes yaml, kustomize directories and kpt configuration. This decoupling of manifests declaration from the deploy section allows manifests to be used across deploy tools e.g.

  • you can configure kpt deployer to render and apply kubernetes yaml, helm charts or
  • you can configure the kubectl deployer to apply helm charts and helm to render the charts.

Upgrading from skaffold v1.*.* to skaffold v2.0.0-beta3 should not require any manual skaffold.yaml changes or CLI command modification for most common use cases. Skaffold v2 includes the same CLI surface as v1 and has backwards compatibility for all previous skaffold.yaml schema apiVersion for example - v2beta*, v1beta* and v1alpha*.

If you wish to update your skaffold.yaml to the latest apiVersion (apiVersion: v3alpha1) run skaffold fix which will output an updated skaffold.yaml with the schema fields updated for v3alpha1. With this new v3alpha1 configuration schema you can access the new v2 functionality via the v3alpha1 configuration fields here Example usage of skaffold fix:

$ cat skaffold.yaml | head -1
apiVersion: skaffold/v2beta29
$ skaffold fix
apiVersion: skaffold/v3alpha1
kind: Config
  - image: skaffold-example
  - k8s-*
  kubectl: {}

The list of features that were supported in skaffold v1 but are no longer support or require manual changes for v2.0.0-beta3 include:

  • v1 kpt deployer usage is not upgradeable via skaffold fix given the numerous changes made to the kpt workflow. Manual changes might be required to get users pipelines working as expected.
  • using multiple renderers WITH the kpt deployer being one of them (using combinations of any other renderer(s) works as it did previously).

Outside of the above, there are currently no known other regressions when migrating from skaffold v1 -> v2 but areas that are most likely to have possible issues/incompitibility include:

  • helm renderer/deployer usage (see helm docs for more details)
  • v1 kpt deployer usage
  • skaffold render flags usage (see render docs and render schema for more details)

If you encounter any issues using skaffold v2.0.0-beta3, particularly any regressions that used to work differently or succeed in v1, please file an issue at GoogleContainerTools/skaffold.

Last modified May 14, 2024: release: v2.12.0 (#9418) (f386e6c)