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Deploying applications to a local Docker daemon

For simple container-based applications that don’t rely on Kubernetes resource types, Skaffold can “deploy” these applications by running application containers directly in your local Docker daemon. This enables application developers who are not yet ready to make the jump to Kubernetes to take advantage of the streamlined development experience Skaffold provides.

Additionally, deploying to Docker bypasses the overhead of pushing images to a remote registry, and provides a faster time to running application than traditional Kubernetes deployments.


To deploy to your local Docker daemon, specify the docker deploy type in the deploy section of your skaffold.yaml.

The docker deploy type offers the following options:

Option Description Default
useCompose tells skaffold whether or not to deploy using docker-compose. false
images Required container images to run in Docker. []


The following deploy section instructs Skaffold to deploy the application image my-image to the local Docker daemon:

  - image: my-image
    images: [my-image]
Last modified May 14, 2024: release: v2.12.0 (#9418) (f386e6c)