Skaffold Feedback

Your feedback is very important to us, and a critical part of making Skaffold the best it can be! There are a few easy ways to make your voice heard.

Quick Survey

Take our quick 5-question survey to tell us how satisfied you are with Skaffold, and what improvements you think we should make.

Skaffold Feedback Session

The Skaffold team actively incorporates user feedback into the product as it evolves. We’re always looking to have conversations with developers like you to learn about the different ways you use Skaffold, and what improvements you think we can make to better suit your workflow.

What is a feedback session?

We periodically schedule hour long video conference sessions with both individual developers and teams to get more personalized feedback. If you’re interested in talking with us, fill out our feedback form, and we’ll schedule a session at a time convenient for you. No preparation is needed!

If at any time you wish to opt out of communications from the Skaffold team, you can fill out our opt out form.

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